The Only Guide for Postbiotics: Will Your Gut Feel Better Off With Them?

Published Nov 14, 21
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9 Easy Facts About Postbiotics: Will Your Gut Feel Better Off With Them? Explained

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Have you heard of the postbiotics supplements causing immunity miracle that is Viscera-3? End deadly leaky gut, protect yourself against diseases, and rest easy knowing that you just found the last and only health supplement you'll ever need.

How is Viscera-3 revolutionizing gut health?

"Why Choose SANE Viscera-3™?", is a question you should be asking yourself (or us!) if you spent the last who-knows-how-long years consuming routine probiotic supplements. You see, the way we were all advised to care for our stomach and gut was flawed. Typically, this flawed system has five painful steps:
  1. Step one is to eat lots and lots of fermentation resistant starches, better known as fiber.
  2. Then spend lots of money on probiotic supplements and take them multiple times every day.
  3. These two substances need to transfer through your entire digestive system. Stomach, upper colon, and then finally to the lower colon.
  4. Then your gut bacteria digest the fiber, fermenting in your gut. That is why you often experience painful bloating and embarrassing gas when you eat more fiber.
  5. After your gut bacteria digests the fiber it excretes these gut health super nutrients which are called Short Chain Fatty Acids.
Sound familiar? Here's how Viscera-3 steps in. Dumping more probiotics into an unhealthy gut is like pouring gas in an engine that does not run, it is a waste of hard earned money. So with Viscera-3, you can expect an ENTIRELY different gut-game!

SANESolution's Postbiotic Viscera-3

Viscera-3 optimizes and fortifies the 70 percent of your immune system that is in your gut, with the "postbiotic" one-step shortcut that is the best defense against pathogens, toxins, and viruses. Rest assured that an end to the notorious leaky gut syndrome is here, your  immunity is strong, and the system is functioning as well as possible. Viscera-3's TRIButyrate strengthens your intestine walls and defends against deadly diseases.

More on Viscera-3's Benefits:

postbiotics supplements✅ Enjoy the disease defending benefits of a healthy gut without a porous and leaky gut that allows pathogens, toxins, and viruses into your bloodstream causing havoc with your health and leaving you at high risk of diseases. ✅ Target the deadliest type of belly fat visceral fat by turning on your "slim gut switch" in just 10 seconds every morning. ✅ Throw out your extra fiber and probiotics and skip the old, slow, and painful 5 step process and achieve even better gut health with the "slim gut, immune healing short cut." ✅ Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in an N.S.F. and FDA G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA.

Based on clinical data of several studies that demonstrated the effects of postbiotic is comparable to those of probiotic, but postbiotic product is a safer alternative to probiotics in immune-compromised or severely ill children. Two studies indicated the effect of postbiotic in 12-48 months on common infectious disease in toddlers.

Studies indicated that nonviable probiotic and their fermentation products, the postbiotics, can have clinical effects on the host as well as induce changes in SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids) and gut microbiome composition. It has also been shown that postbiotics may be an effective way to increase the potency of probiotic making them a great functional ingredient or even therapeutic agent.

Postbiotics And Their Potential Applications In Early Life Can Be Fun For Anyone

At this point, gut health has been *the* topic of conversation in the wellness world for a while. We all know about drinking kombucha and eating foods high in probiotics for optimal gut health, and if you're really deep in the scene, you might even have extensive thoughts about the mind-gut connection.

Related to prebiotics and probiotics, postbiotics are essentially the endgame goal of all your gut health efforts. "When you take prebiotics or probiotics, people don't realize that at the end of the day, the hope is to get some postbiotics. The entire point is about postbiotics," says gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, MD, author of the upcoming book, Fiber Fueled.

The Ultimate Guide To The International Scientific Association Of Probiotics

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They don't colonize the gut permanently," Dr. Bulsiewicz says. This is where postbiotics come in. This is a relatively new term (hence why you may not have heard it before!) used to describe "functional bioactive compounds, generated in a matrix during fermentation, which may be used to promote health." The translation of this International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) article definition: Postbiotics are essentially the byproducts of probiotics.

Dr. Bulsiewicz has this formula for understanding postbiotics: prebiotics + probiotics = postbiotics. "What this means is that when you feed the good bacteria that live in your colon, that bacteria will turn around and reward you with a gift. And that gift is postbiotics," he says. Unlike pre- and probiotics, postbiotics aren't something you can consume in food or supplement form; it describes what happens when the two combine.

What Does What Are Postbiotic Metabolites? - Essential Gut Mean?

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Per the IJMS article, they can include short-chain fatty acids, proteins, and metabolites. These different compounds have different functions in the body, and thus can have different kinds of benefits. What are the potential benefits of postbiotics? Here's the thing: We're just starting to understand what postbiotics are (there's even still debate about the term's definition), so there isn't a ton of robust research about what their specific benefits are.

Bulsiewicz says one postbiotic, butyrate, can help reverse the effects. "Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid, which is produced when you consume soluble fiber. That soluble fiber gets metabolized and consumed by the healthy bacteria inside of you to produce butyrate. Then, butyrate helps heal your colon," he says. 2.

The Main Principles Of Our Guide To Pre, Pro & Postbiotics

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(It should be noted that this specific study focused on these compounds for helping prevent or treat an intestinal disease common in prenatal babies, so take these findings with a grain of salt.) 3 - Postbiotics Supplements. They may help boost the immune system One study found a connection between postbiotics and a stronger immune system, particularly in infants.

What are Postbiotics? 5 Health BenefitsWhat are Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics? NutriKane

It’s no secret that the health world has been obsessed with probiotics for over the last decade now. So much research and investment has gone into developing and testing out different strains, seeing how they modulate our microbiome and protect the all-important gut environment. Prebiotics are the next most popular, as we’ve learned that certain foods and compounds support probiotics to do their jobs for us.

9 Simple Techniques For What Are Prebiotics, Probiotics, And Postbiotics

Is viscera-3 Safe to Take?

Overall, Viscera is a very safe product and poses no risk to your health. If for some reason you are unsure whether this product is right for you, consider speaking to your doctor or a medical professional before trying the product

What does viscera-3 do for you?

Viscera-3 is a natural and dietary supplement that helps to improve digestion and control the leaky gut. The supplement helps to reduce gas, constipation, belly pain, bloating, and other common belly issues. It is beneficial to improve the digestion system and poop better without the issue

Is viscera-3 FDA approved?

SANE manufactures all supplements, including Viscera-3, in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

Does viscera-3 make you poop?

What Does Viscera-3 Do? Like other dietary supplements taken to support gut health, Viscera-3 promotes healthy digestion and prevents digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea etc. However, Viscera-3 is primarily designed to allow you to have easy and painless poops while supporting regular digestion.

What are the ingredients in viscera 3?

Magnesium, Chromium, CoreBiomeTributin,Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Vegetable Capsule, Magnesiusm Stereate Silica, Activated Charcoal, Microcrystalline CelluloseMagnesium, Chromium, CoreBiomeTributin, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract

What is Corebiome Tributyrin?

Tributyrin is a natural butyrate and a short-chain fatty acid. ... Corebiome® Tributyrin helps your gut by aiding in the body's inflammatory response and stimulating growth of new cells in the gut wall and so much more. “Support Gut Health & Immune Function With This Pre, Pro, and Postbiotic

As it turns out, postbiotics might be the most revolutionary of them all for our health and wellbeing. So here’s an in-depth look at prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics—three P’s in a fermented pod. Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics That’s a lot of biotics. And we’re not even going into synbiotics and psychobiotics! The first thing to know about these three biotics is that they work in a continuum: prebiotics feed probiotics, which create postbiotics.

It’s a win-win for both of us. What are postbiotics? Basically, postbiotics are what probiotics produce when they consume prebiotics. While research is still developing around this brand-new subject, postbiotics are generally classified as beneficial substances to both the host and the microbes that produce them. So we definitely want to keep postbiotics around and encourage our probiotics to make more of them.

Some Of What Are Postbiotics? - Gut Health

Why you need pre, pro, and postbiotics for better health Okay, now that we have the basics down, let’s review why you actually need prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics for outstanding health—and how you can get them. Examples of prebiotics As we mentioned above, prebiotics are mostly plant foods high in fiber.

Which of these foods are you already eating on a regular basis, and which can you try to add? For even more benefit, try to rotate the foods you eat to get a variety of colors and textures, which will not only keep your meals interesting, but also contain different nutrients, like polyphenols and antioxidants.

The What Are Postbiotics? - Nutrition Gut Diaries

Soil-based probiotics form spores, which are able to resist the harsh acidic environment of your stomach and make it all the way to your colon, where they can actually go to work making those beneficial postbiotics for you. There’s no definitive answer on whether soil-based probiotics are better or worse for you.

[5] They may directly combat pathogenic bacteria or simply work to balance out the distribution of microbes in the gut, allowing for better digestion and lowering inflammation. [6] Probiotics have many health benefits, and we will likely continue to discover more uses for them in the coming years. Types of postbiotics Now for the new kid on the block: postbiotics.

What Are Prebiotics, Probiotics, And Postbiotics? - Gut Health for Beginners

While acetate is the most abundant SCFA in the human body, butyrate has been studied the most due to its presence in the gut as the primary fuel source for the colonocytes, cells in the lining of the colon. Butyate has been found to enhance intestinal barrier structure and function as well as mucosal immunity, which is great news for anyone with a leaky gut.

Still, this category of supplements is relatively new, and there are many unreliable products out there. Body, Bio has been making Body, Bio Butyrate for 25 years, and we always prioritize quality in all of our supplements, leaving out fillers or additives. Postbiotics Supplements. Are postbiotics the new probiotics? For now, postbiotics are relatively undefined and a bit of a dark horse in the health and wellness and supplement world.

Some Known Incorrect Statements About Probiotics, Prebiotics, And Postbiotics For Seniors

If you are using a probiotic supplement or regularly incorporating probiotic foods and find that it is helping you, by all means continue. But if you are one of the many that have not found relief from digestive issues using probiotics, maybe postbiotics are a better option. Since everyone’s microbiome is unique, probiotics can sometimes make digestion worse by adding the wrong kind of probiotic bacteria to an already imbalanced microbiome.

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We can’t wait to see how the world of postbiotics continues to grow and evolve! .

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